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Hey There Beam Of Light LED Lens Upgrade Guide on Buick Shelf

Our customer's sight is not really good, specifically during the night. He uses to be blind on stormy evenings. So heires extra light and so already purchased at AOZOOM Hi there Beam LED lens kit from our aliexpress, and so bring it to our store for installation. He said he had been doing some amazing driving in the country.

Aozoom Hi-Lens Led High Beam Of Light Projector, 2 computers Lock Bands and Light Bulb Caps.

The setup is as below:
1. Prepared for the dissection - Took fronts lights back apart, plastic removed from the projector, removed the reflector
We can see the projector might not scat the light beam of light effectively, and the light can not focus.

2. Cook in the stove - place the headlight into the oven 215 degrees to liquify the adhesive.

3. Mount the Hey beam of light LED lens, we need to drill in the projector to deal with the aftermarket lens

4. Set up the lens as well as the led bulb, it requires to test the light to the roadway safety policy

5. Mount the real estate - sealing it with chilly adhesive to prevent leakage. The glue needs to be warmed up at the same time.

6. When all is accumulated, it is time to end the setup and so make the last light examination.
It is the complete view of the New Bright LED Lamp LED Lens with a high-performance projector.

The set was plug in and play (all the proper adapters). Any child of circuit.

  1. The illumination of the led high beam projector is noticeably enhanced and therefore the shade of the easy work terrific on rainy nights, foggy nights, as well as dry nights. Rainfall, sleet, snow, mist from semi-truck tires, and some completely dry spells too. Vision varies from great to wonderful depending on conditions.

Our client was pleased with the brand new upgrade, he will not frustrate regarding the dark light beam and therefore the bad sight anymore. Now he can drive his automobile on the road with a strong penetration to maintain secure.

Upgrade reflector to the projector can be helpful to the chauffeur himself as well as the contrary vehicle driver. With a crisp lighting can the motorists from the dazzle approaching website traffic. If you are looking for a retrofit projector, please feel free to contact us, we will be happy to help you ,
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